US Hacks the Hackers

Long before North Korea wanted to turn Seth Rogan and James Franco into movie legends for all eternity the United States had a close eye on the little country that could. This is why when asked who hacked Sony and started threatening to blow up theaters that played a competent comedy “U.S. Sources” quickly responded that they had strong evidence that North Korea was involved. Strong evidence that they didn’t go into in much detail.

Familiar voices in Washington that are involved in the spy trade on various levels are claiming that some of the Hackers IPs backtracked through a hot mess of servers and ended up in North Korea. This doesn’t mean they were the only responsible party but it would seem they had a hand in the crime. Edward Snowden claims that the U.S. has been spying on North Korea using computers in use in South Korea. The DMZ just got weirder.

After the attack on Sony the U.S. has stepped up efforts to penetrate and shut down the North Korean e-Spy ring. In only a few weeks the Obama administration vowed retaliation against the country. The Director of National Intelligence claims that the shred goal of all agencies at the moment is to prevent exploitation and disruption of U.S. interests via the internet infrastructure. It was implied that measures were being taken to prevent further attacks from North Korea but no details were given.

On January 18th the New York Times reported that the NSA had placed malicious software on the North Korean hacker’s computers. This allowed the gathering of evidence that eventually persuaded Obama to directly accuse North Korea of the crime against Sony and the United States.

North Korea was unavailable for comment.

U.S. officials claim that the attack on Sony was orchestrated by North Korea’s Reconnaissance General Bureau and ranks and the most serious cyber-attack America has ever experienced. Publicly North Korea still denies involvement but is quiet on all fronts when approached about the issue.

The attack is more serious than most people realize. It cost potentially millions of dollars, destroyed valuable corporate data, exposed corporate secrets, and Sony had to take its network offline.

One week after Obama vowed retaliation North Korea lost connection to the entire internet for several hours. The 10 people in the country with internet access were furious however the U.S. acknowledges no involvement.

The Obama administration has also increased sanctions against North Korea in recent week proving it is possible to take more from a tiny country run by a comic book villain with nothing.