Internet Giant Google Invests in SpaceX

Elon Musk and Space XGoogle is the Internet. People don't search for things they Google them, and now that Google is expanding into Internet service provision such as fiber optics they're going to serve the Internet as well. But that's not enough for Google, they are on a mission to bring Internet access to the entire planet Earth. And they have an ally in this endeavor, the great Elon Musk. If you get these two guys in a room talking you know something incredibly can happen.

Google is looking to Elon's SpaceX team to come up with an Internet solution that is fast, affordable, deployable, and readily usable by the entire planet. While this sounds incredibly lofty remember Elon created PayPal, built ships that go into outer space, and created an electric car that kicks ass. That is one hell of a resume regardless of who you are.

Although it is not clear how much Google intends to invest in this endeavor, or how they intend on structuring the deal with SpaceX, a person familiar with the deal said that Google values SpaceX at over $10 billion. This and the size of the round of investments, which includes other large investors, could turn out to be an incredible sum of money.

The Wall Street Journal added that the total investment could top $1 billion. It is unclear how much Google owner of the company at that point but it sounds like a lot.

Is not clear how this will fit in with Google's current project of deploying helium balloons with antennas that offer 4G signals to homes and phones. Facebook is also looking to compete in this particular area using a series of drones, lasers, satellites, and maybe even some sort of magical spell from the sound of it. If you think that sounds crazy Elon Musk has one more thing for you. He wants to put Internet access on Mars.

Musk has gotten involved in a brand-new global communication system that would provide low-cost Internet service at a reasonable speed to billions of people around the world who do not have access to anything at this point. And that sounds like a great thing, because it is, but he was also put on Mars.

It's always exciting to see great men reach for the stars, but in this case I think it might be better if we connect the world we live on before we start putting websites on Mars. Besides the Martians might not appreciate it and who knows what they're security issues like.