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Downloads and Internet Apps

Enterprise Software Solutions

Bidding Buddies offers ecommerce solutions for enterprise clients both “out of the box” and custom developed. Our apps and the platform they operate on can handle thousands of complex integration solutions in a trans-polar transmission control protocol umbrella. This ubiquitous solution will handle almost any OS and device with a little work.

This will give your executives the time to actually work on the business as opposed to managing auctions and the many tasks related to them. This solution is an extension of your business, not a Rube Goldberg contraption clumsily attached as an afterthought. We are a part of your growth strategy!

Our custom auction solutions can seamlessly integrate with Facebook APIs and keep not only your business, but your customers up to date on what you are doing. The system can also integrate directly with your CRM, accounting, and shipping systems. With that data at your fingertips, and within reach of your customers. Everyone will know how their transactions are going.

If you require system integration on a deeper level, let us know. Please contact us and tell us how we can help you.

Grow your brand and create customer confidence with a white label solution today.

Small Business Solutions

The bidding Buddies small business solution focuses on a single seller process that allows individuals to list their sales items and remain the exclusive seller. If you are selling old inventory this is perfect and it also works well integrated into loyalty programs or single solution auctions. If you have a small scale auction this might be the right fit for you.

Our solutions are powerful and offer a great many features but they are also easy to use. You shouldn’t need a developer on staff once our integration is complete, but if you have one you can do amazing things with Bidding Buddies.

Our small business solutions can help grow your customer base by extending reach beyond your email list. We integrate Facebook, Google Site Maps, and other software managers to help keep line of communication op with your customers. Our systems will allow you to import or export a wide variety of data that will help you connect old programs with your new systems as well as track new goals all under one format. This will ease any transitional issues your business might be concerned about when upgrading any system.

Our small business solution also uses a built in online payment system that can be set up using and U.S. bank or PayPal. The system is PCI compliant and will allow integration with existing merchant accounts.

Bidding Buddies do not charge commissions on sales, upgrade fees, or graphic charges of any kind. You will always own your customer base and purchase of the system as well as any outlined service agreements are all you will pay. We don’t like surprises and we won’t surprise you with a bloated bill.