To Win That Bid, You Need A Buddy!

Bidding Buddies Internet Service Auction App

Bidding Buddies is on a mission to create an affordable internet auction app that is backed up by world class support and service. BB offers fully hosted or offsite solutions for small and medium sized businesses to be able to compete in the fast paced world of online auctions.

BB is continually enhanced with new and improved features making sure our solution will not only fit your current needs, but will grow with your business and keep you ahead of the game. The end result to this is unsurpassed value. With over 12 years in the auction industry we know something about changing landscapes.

Our commitment to our clients and dedication to excellence stems from a passion for our work. Our staff is available 24/7 and is ready to help you build out the best auction you can. There is never an extra charge for technical support.

Internet Guide Available

Now with the use of recursive DNS services a user’s internet experience can be completely under their control. This type of technology can block unwanted content and offer a safer, faster, and all around better surfing experience. Check out these internet providers for more information on how to install this exciting new software within your current router. A configure client is also available for local installation on Windows or OS X systems.

Although this software is not yet available for mobile devices this is currently in the works.

Satellite TV Provider Dish Makes Peace with Fox

Dish and Fox have been saying some pretty mean things to each other these last few week. Both blaming the other for the lack of Fox broadcasting via Dish Network the two giants shook hands and agreed everyone was wrong and met in the middle. Like they do every time the carriage agreement between them expires. This is becoming a bit ridiculous.

On December 20th 2014 the Satellite Internet provider Dish pulled all fox properties from its service and told their customers to contact Fox and tell them to get with the program. For more read here.

Google Sells Wireless Service with T-Mobile and Sprint

In a turn that surprised absolutely no one Google is now preparing to sell wireless services utilizing deals with T-Mobile and Sprint Corp. The fact it has taken this long for Google to jump in the game in a more direct fashion is amazing to both consumers and the Department of Justice. This is one of the early signals that Google is about to flex is incredible power and begin a more consumer based business model. This is both wonderful and terrifying.

Although it isn’t yet clear how the wireless internet partnership will work in practice Google usually moving slowly and carefully into new businesses and this should be no different. Click for more information.